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ZwareMetalen (NL), January 2010


The Dutch Chinawhite does not bring me a fabulous first-run experience. Interesting, that Chinese influences in the artwork, but also pretty kitsch. That said, the middle of the foldable digipack  shows a cool psychedelic image of a pyramid in a purple sea. In any case, I was not very enthusiastic at first sight.  Then on to the record. It starts with a moderate fusion of kitschy dreamy vocals and keyboards. When the band starts it much better. Once again, hardly special prog rock with an unsightly keyboard part. A moment later when it is cools down with a piano piece  I get a much more positive perception, and the singing  is not bad. During the song, my opinion alters, and I am a bit more positive about Challenges. Until they decide  to pull an orchestral keyboard part out of the closet.  The idea is fun, but it sounds just ineffectual. In addition on all the following numbers a couple of such a keyboard parts pop up, During the rest of the 66 minute album there are no real drop outs, but also no real highlights as well. Practice of singing and instrument handling passes the test,  but also nothing jumps out. Variety cannot be denied, but in terms of sound, production, and (memorable) melodies there is room for improvement. To the extent that a band which has been around since the end of the 1980s has reason to care about criticism, of course. (Jacob Jan Kamminga)

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