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WITCHERY (Br), May 2000

What a very interesting hard rock this great small band from the Netherlands shows on their self financed debut cd, "A Dragon’s Birth". This album is very good, and it could be even better if it lasted longer. It lasts about 20 minutes, but they are all great. The most visible influences are probably Royal Hunt and other bands that follow that style. The first track, "Rock And Water" is very good, with a great chorus and nice guitar/keyboard duels, done by Peter Cox and Rolf Vossen, respectively. Don Feltges’ vocals are very good. Then you have "The Revolution By Night", also very well performed. Then there is "A Dragon’s Birth", a short instrumental track, and "Big Money", also with great guitars and chorus. The last track, "The Lurker", is perfect, with a special highlight to the bass, done by Paul Roefs. In the overall, all the instruments are great, including Hans in ‘t Zandt’s drums. The vocals are also very unique and interesting. Chinawhite is worth checking out. Let’s just wait for their new work, coming out pretty soon. (Gabriel Carregal)

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