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(we’re all) Losers In The End

behind every mask
there is a spirit with soul
maybe not unwrinkled but
we’re not the flauntless kind
in fact we aren’t kind at all
on the pure one should never depend
we’re all bad guys in the end

behind every smile
there is the tear of a clown
we meet him with ironic frown
but we hurt a caring heart
and bite the feeding hand
on the truth one should never depend
we’re all liars in the end


we stall our memories
in boxes one by one
we put a number on
and forget
one by one
what have we done?


behind every facade
there’s a man who laughs and cries
maybe even a million times
some will win, others will lose
painfull memories drown in booze
on the future one should never depend
we’re all losers in the end 

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