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Update new album

After working for 9 years on the coming album, I noticed I did not trust myself with the mix anymore. And despite several people telling me it was sounding great, I have decided to put the final mix and mastering in the capable hands of Erwin Hermsen from Toneshed Recording Studio. This will mean a bit of delay yes, but I am sure this move will provide you, our audience, with the best result possible. And trust me when I say the album deserves it!
What more can I say? The album will be called Different. For a number of reasons. New singer, less keyboards, more straight forward. Or will it?
It will consist of 11 songs, one of which will be a different version from a track we did on the 2009 Challenges album. And we will wrap all that in stunning artwork courtesy of Blekkmark Design Studio! All that, and a new logo to boot 🙂
We hope we can soon let you hear a bit of what is coming!
Thanks for patience and support,

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