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UNDERTOW (B), april 2001

"Breathe Fire" is the first full length work of this Dutch band. The artwork makes you think that you have a CD from an epic metal band in your hands. Chinawhite is however something completely different. The CD is filled with excellent progressive hard rock. "Breathe Fire" is an album that you have to play several times to absorb it. During the first spin I didn’t think too much of this release but after a few spins it started to grow. Because of the particular use of the keyboards the album gets a 70’s feel. If you compare this with their previous released EP you will hear that the band made a lot of progression. The songs are more catchy, more mature and the production done by Fred Hendrix from fellow Dutch rockers Terra Nova (RIP) is good. Vocalist Don Feltges has a powerful voice which fits the music like a glove. If you’re looking for a good prog rock / metal CD than check these guys out. (8) Bruno van de Velde.

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