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Melodic progressive metal to the maximum. Chinawhite begins this 4-tracked (plus short track) CD with a very easy listened song called "Rock And Water". It’s easy to grow attached to, like any of the songs. I really like the vocalist, and did right after two listenings. He reminds me a lot of the Vigilance singer, and also a bit of the Arena vocalist type. Looking at a picture of him though, it’s hard to picture him sounding like that. He adds a little death metal vocals in one songs, and THAT.. is easy to see before you. A lot of melodies in this band, which I think is good. Many band seem to forget about that nowadays. I don’t now what plans are for Chinawhite for the moment, but a full-length album would indeed be appreciated. Check this one out. Really good, I tell you! (magnus florin)

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