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The Lurker

in the night
when the fires rise
and filth is leaving
the darkest places
only a fool would take a stroll
and that is precisely what I will do

because the night
is my favourite time
I like to compromise
the strangest faces
only a fool would do a talk
and it’s just what I’m up to

ooh, sometimes I’m so wicked
that it gets scary

what do I do
I sneak up behind you
what do I see
all that hands feel
what I’m gonna do
is leave my mark on you

and the tide is turning
a fright train is running
steel wheels across the sky
and pride is what I’m after
leaving blood and laughter
and a broken heart to wonder

repeat bridge and chorus

in the night
still my favourite time
I like the dirt
and the stranger’s face
only a fool would take a walk
and I do it all the time………….

repeat bridge and chorus 

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