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Hello to a new lyric video!

Here a track that many mums and dads will be able to relate to. Or just another chance to get to know our latest album that is way too good to be ignored 🙂
Different was released in 2018 and the CD is available from our label and all formats are available in all good stores and platforms.

Package Deal for our 3 CD’s!

chinawhite-comboget this deal at the label!
Since A Dragon’s Birth has sold out, and the Demo release was digital only, with this you own all 3 CD’s in one go 🙂

If you prefer Digital formats; try bandcamp which offers 25% discount if you order all in one go.

More Different reviews arriving:

chinawhite - differentStrangely enough the album keeps picking up new reviews. But when they are good, you will not hear us complain! Follow the links to read them:

First one is from Sea Of Tranquility, where writer Steven Reid hands it a 3.5/5 saying “Hopefully Different finds Chinawhite fighting fit and reinvigorated, because having to wait nine years between albums isn’t ideal. That said, it has been worth the wait”

Next up is Rock Hard (SK). Writer Erik Nadudvari shows his appreciation for the album with a 4/5 star review, saying “we have a vibrant new album with pounding guitars and dense bass, plus even more guitars and keyboards to enhance the mood of the entire collection”

Thank you Steven and Erik!

More Different Reviews

chinawhite - differentUK site Zeitgeist – the Rocker, had this to say about our album:

Rock Company

Another release from the men who never sleep. Yes, Peter Cox (not that one) and Phil Vincent have made another record to go with all their CranstoN / Forest Field endeavours.

Chinawhite, though, is all about the songs of Peter Cox. With all the vocals taken care of by Vincent and the drums coming from Praying Mantis man Hans in´t Zandt they’ve certainly put together a quality product. It’s mainly eighties styled melodic hard rock but they’ve also thrown in a few prog elements as well. It would be no surprise to find some mid-period Asia albums in the collection of Mr Cox.

They kick things off with one of the album highlights – ‘Kiss Of Fire’ – which is as hard rock as they get. The prog starts to arrive with ‘Hello To The World’ and from then on they mix and match as they please. When it works, it’s really enjoyable, although a couple of songs just miss. And just to reinforce the prog credentials the album closes with an eight minute instrumental. Hey! It’s my album and I’ll do what I like. A good one.

Thank you mr. H.!

And Dutch Magazine Aardschok wrote about it too. Some mistakes from the writer, but a 7/10 coming from them is not half bad 🙂

New Promo Video!

In order to get the word out to more people, Rock Company have added the track Money to their YouTube playlist. Here it is:

This Is Rock review

this is rock 170 - chinawhite this is rock 170Spanish magazine This Is Rock wrote about our album Different in their 170 edition. Our dear friend Rod Marenna provided an English translation:
In one way or another Chinawhite have been spinning since the late 80s and now decide to return with a proposal similar to that of the British Ten, varied and powerful hard rock executed with technique and flavour of NWOBHM as already predicted the initial “Kiss Of Fire “with some frenetic guitars,” Were I Stand “combines a raw main riff with crystal clear and catchy vocal harmonies. “Hello To The World” remembers Boston trying a single hit. “Money” is raw and “Eat It Raw” goes into progressive terrain, moving to solid hard rock with “It Means Nothing”. Despite being a good record, the cocktail mix don’t quite match well.

Well I do not mind being compared to Ten at all 😉

Rock United on Different

rock unitedSwedish site Rock United, in the person of writer Urban, have posted an extensive and very positive view on our Different album. Great to see people getting it!
Besides the review, Urban also conducted an interview with Peter!

Read the review to find out why he calls it aggressive melodic symphonic 80s rock on steroids 🙂

To read what Peter had to say about the 15 questions, go here.

Powerplay loves it Different

powerplayThanks to Sander (Souls Of Deaf) and Paul Fogarty for sending this through.
And many thanks to Stewart for this splendid review!

More reviews

musikreviewsJust to show you cannot win them all, here a piece on German site musikreviews (9/15). Translation says:

As one of many Dutch bands of the mid-1980s Prog movement, CHINAWHITE have never been out there before when it comes to greater commercial success, but just like Egdon Heath, the group never went below a certain level, even if they never emancipate themselves could … which has valid reasons, as their current album demonstrates.

Even “Different” is despite its title an obvious role model almost slavishly modeled work that will satisfy all genre-hardliners, but should tear little more. The always slightly cool (we speak of British role models) and never overwhelming symphonic sound of the quartet comes despite staff riots in the squad (Drummer Hans is also parallel to about Praying Mantis) as a result of it – sometimes a little too portly, though but always consistent and without noticeable rashes up or down.

Produced by guitarist and keyboarder Peter Cox seem a bit antiquated and maybe that’s why they take over for themselves … at least if you belong to older seasons. The classification under “prog” is therefore to be enjoyed especially among explorers of new with great caution.

Ultimately, CHINAWHITE serve so-spirited minds who would rather have their music with surprises. This is consistent, pleasing trend-resistant and solid knit, but nothing more. As a tip-on for the ultra-conservative factions urge first ‘Light-Years To Heaven’, the no watering cloudy ‘Hello To The World’ and the affable final number ‘Thank You And Goodnight’ on.

CONCLUSION: If you want CHINAWHITE to be evil, you can call it a locally relevant Dinosaur Melodic “Prog” band, which rightfully never went beyond its Dutch horizon. Objectively, her new album is a slightly above average scene work with zero added value.

Ah well… 🙂

Thankfully the short review from Gabor from Strutter is a lot more positive with a 8.3 on a 10 scale!

recommended from ViriAOR

viriaorSpanish site ViriAOR have done a great piece on our album. The original is in Spanish, so here the translation. Thank you Alicia!

Chinawhite are back this summer of 2018 with their fourth album titled, Different. For those of you who do not know, tell you that, Chinawhite was formed at the end of the eighties. With a strong core consisting of Rolf Vossen, keyboards, Hans In ‘T Zandt on drums and Peter Cox on guitars, they recorded some loose songs and incorporated some singles to compilations of the time, all these themes would later come to light in a Demos album. In 1997 they would release their first album, as such, A Dragon’s Birth, and two more in the 2000s, making a classic rock with symphonic arrangements and some passages of progressive rock.

For this fourth album, he also has bassist Sander Stappers, who would put his rhythms on the previous album Challenges and the recent incorporation of the singer Phil Vincent, (D’Ercole, Tragic, Legion) that for my taste exceeds to its predecessor with overkill.

Different is an album composed in its entirety by the band leader Peter Cox, guitarist and keyboardist, composer and lyricist as well as producer of the album. The cover is very cool and is designed by Blekkmark, who has already done countless works for artists of this style (Harem Scarem, Europe, Def Leppard, TNT, …)
This disc is developed in records similar to those of previous works, although in Different there is a twist to its sound resulting in more commercial issues, more accessible to audiences and making less concessions to progressive rock, that does not deprive it of its sophisticated part in terms of arrangements themes and some passages of irregular rhythms.

The throat of the new vocalist gives more body and power to the themes, the orchestral and keyboard arrangements on this occasion are also by the guitarist Peter Cox, although in some songs the old keyboardist Rolf Vossen participates.

We find pieces of traditional hard rock with voices superimposed like in the opening, Kiss of Fire. Scratching the metal with a more serious record by Phil Vincent, who throughout the album will demonstrate how versatile it is. Where I Stand, giving them a touch of softness with pompous choirs. A nice guitar melody is the hook on the whole theme, and symphonic choruses sweeten this Hello To The World.

Money, brings us back to hard rock with guitars and careful vocal harmonies. Different? Eat It Raw, more orchestral beginning to later take us through the classic metal courses. Wings Of The Wind, a mix of powerful riffs, for a cut that rounds the progressive. Mystery, an orgy of instruments superimposing one another creating an overflowing atmosphere of sonic elements. Light-Years To Heaven, more leisurely, but without sacrificing the strength that bring those thunderous riffs of Peter Cox.

Or The Same! A good instrumental exercise, based on the strength of the bass and the guitar, with an interesting melody. It Means Nothing heavy rhythmic base and a dirtier sound for a theme that can look fantastic live. Thank You And Goodnight starts with a piano to give way to all the instruments and immediately give the protagonism to the guitar melodies.

Concluding with Different, Chinawhite have gone a step further by overcoming their previous works, successfully assembling the different classical musical influences, but sounding heavier and more current.

Recommended disk

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