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STRUTTER AOR, may 2000

There are a few bands going around under the Chinawhite banner, these guys are from Gabor’s homeland of the Netherlands, and what I can tell you is that if you like bands like Balance Of Power, Dokken, Kings X and Spocks Beard then this band will warm up your rock chops with their gratifying mix of melodic and progressive rock. "A Dragon’s Birth" is a four track mini cd, or ep if you like that gives birth to some great songs, top of which are "The Revolution By Night" and "Big Money" which oddly sounds like a progressive Bon Jovi mainily due to the commercialised keyboards, and nice chorus. Overall this isn’t bad and I would very much like to hear more material from them. Email them for more or visit their website. Rating 7,5/10 Review By Nicky Baldrian

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