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STRUTTER (NL), december 2000

CHINAWHITE are from Holland their debut CD ‘Breathe fire’ has been co-produced by TERRA NOVA leader Fred Hendrix. The album counts 11 tracks and musically it is a mixture of AOR, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and some Metal. The lead vocals of singer Don Feltges are a bit raw and sometimes it works, but on the melodic AOR songs it doesn’t always work and that’s a pity, ’cause the songs are damn catchy at times. The start is a bit weak with songs like "Elevation ticket" and "In my mind", these songs show an experimental 90s typed Metal band, but from track four ("Foolin’") on it gets a whole lot better and pretty sensational! "Foolin’" is a damn catchy fun 80s typed uptempo melodic rocker in the style of ZINATRA and TERRA NOVA. The song also contains a cool keyboardsolo by keyboardist Rolf Vossen. This is definitely one of the best songs on the album and also the following few tracks are pretty good. "My one and only" for example is another good uptempo melodic rocker, only this song has some slight Party/Glamrock influences (due to the raw vocals). More keyboardsounds can be heard in "Changes", a very melodic song with some great harmonies. The AOR ballad "Permanent vacation" is up next and is the fourth track in a row that can be labelled as good quality melodic rock. Then comes the TOTO inspired instrumental "Infatuation". "Losers in the end" is a progressive rocker and not really something special. Uptempo Hard Rock can be heard in "No fear of the dark". Closing track is the instrumental outro "The entity returns". A lot of different Rock and Metal styles can be heard on the CHINA WHITE CD and although not all songs are convincing, still this band has a lot to offer and even the fans of AOR/Melodic Rock may find something of interest on this record. (Points: 7.5 out of 10) (Gabor Kleinbloesem)

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