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Short Biography

Chinawhite was founded in 1987, and with Hans not being available anymore, Peter remains the only original member.  Third long-time member Rolf Vossen is still around and may contribute again in the future, as he did on 2018 album Different. The band is not only characterized by its enthousiastic presentation on stages in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but also through their catchy combination of melodies, rhythms and varied ensemble. Chinawhite simply succeeds in making an entertaining combination of melodic hardrock with some symphonic frill….

2021 LINE UP:
Peter Cox – Orchestrations, keyboards and guitars (Forest Field, Earthshine, Age of Aquarius)
Phil Vincent – Lead Vocals (D’Ercole, Tragik, Cranston)
Sander Stappers – Bass (Tributor, Souls Of Deaf, Defenders Of The Beast)
Bart Fleuren – Drums

Long Version

In 1987 some chaps get together and decide they want to play some songs from bands they really like. They rehearse a little, and find out it is so much fun, they oughta bring it to the stage. So they do, but only as a side project to the bands they play in at the time. The core of Chinawhite are Fuchs, Hans and Peter. And guess what…. they still are! At this stage they are joined by Henk Eickes on bass and Arno Linssen on vocals. Read on to see what happened next:

don.gif Early 1989 six musicians decide to quit their current activities in bands like Jester’s Tear and Trouwens to unite themselves in CHINAWHITE. The band succeeds in making a catchy combination of melodic rock with symphonic frill and groovy rhythms. At that time the line up is Peter Cox on guitar and vocals, Arno Linssen on vocals, Paul Roefs on bass, Rolf (more commonly known as Fuchs) Vossen on keyboards, Anneke Willemsen-Cox (Peter’s younger sister) on vocals and Hans in ‘t Zandt (ex- Vengeance, ex Mad Max, Praying Mantis etc.) on drums and vocals. Ever since the humble beginnings, the band consequently works on forging the creativity present, into their own material. Therefore it is not strange that at the end of 1990 CHINAWHITE hits the studio to produce a tape with a selection of those originals. The titles are ‘THE REVOLUTION BY NIGHT’, ‘METROPOLITANS’, ‘THE PERFECT THING’ and ‘WHEN ALL GOES WRONG’. The demo ‘A THOUSAND THOUGHTS’ is recorded at the Iris Studio Venlo and contains also the Van Halen classic ‘Jump’. The entire product is received positively by several national and international radiostations and magazines as Metal-Hammer, Sym-Info Magazine, Background Magazine and Fanfare and Rock Report from Belgium. The band got it’s first taste of succes by selling about 300 copies of the demotape.
peter.gif In 1991 they get the chance to join in on a regional project called ‘Southern Comfort – 12 beauties oet Limburg’. On this sampler CD 6 bands are presented with 2 songs each. CHINAWHITE include ‘BIG MONEY’ and ‘ROCK AND WATER’. These songs are recorded in the Delta Studio Wilster (D) for a German production company who present the band a recorddeal. The group turns it down because they don’t believe the company is able to live up to it’s promises. Almost 2 years after the succesful release of ‘A THOUSAND THOUGHTS’ the time is considered right for the longawaited successor. This demo ‘WHEN DREAMS UNITE’ contains 4 original songs, with of course the live smashers ‘FOOLIN” and ‘ROCK AND WATER’. Also ‘ROOM WITH A VIEW’ and ‘ON ARRIVAL’ are included . Towards the end of the relationship with Inline Music, the songs are again recorded at the Delta Studio in Wilster, with Frank Hilpert producing. The band receives a lot of credit regarding the presented creativity and quality with this product. Even more reviews are collected: In countries like Greece, Belgium, the USA and England people take interest in the band. Besides reviews in magazines the group plays acoustic versions of their songs on several local radio-stations.
At first CHINAWHITE perform symphonic work of among others Rush, Saga, Camel and Marillion. To be able to reflect a range of melodic rock as broad as possible, a large number of more well-known ‘Top 100 covers’ are added to the playlist. Examples are Toto, Van Halen, Whitesnake and Queen. Another simple reason for this is the desire to be able to play more often before a live audience. From the band’s point of view this is considered necessary in terms of developing the musical and performing skills and to be able to try-out their own songs. In 1993 CHINAWHITE find an adequate substitute leadsinger in the person of Don Feltges. The proven skills of Don still guarantee every live performance an exiting happening. The musical radiation of the band enclose, among others, jazz-rock, melodic rock, progressive metal and symphonic rock. Current covers played are from Aerosmith, Tyketto, Pearl Jam and Gun, which together with classics from Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden, Kansas, Journey and the Osmonds – and the original material – guarantee an exciting evening.
fuchs.gif To enlargen the livereputation CHINAWHITE release a promocassette called ”SIGN OF THE TIME’ in 1994. The songs ‘Fool for your Lovin’ by Whitesnake, ‘Born to be Wild’ by Steppenwolf, ‘Live and let Die’ by Paul McCartney and ‘No more Tears’ by Ozzy Osbourne are put on tape during a live performance in the studio and show the abilities of the band. Also a live version of ‘FOOLIN’ is included. Through the years this band, founded in 1989 and since 1993 in this line-up, is not only characterized by its enthousiastic presentation on stages in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, or its catchy combination of melodies, rhythms and varied ensemble, but also through their daring versions of hits and an often surprising choice of repertoire. Under the professional guidance of producer Fred Hendrix from Terra Nova CHINAWHITE set of to record some more original material in the Energy Studio in Mariaheide in 1995. The engineer is Jos van den Broek. In only 3 days in May the band put 5 songs on tape. Fred and Jos mix it in just one day ! After listening to the songs for a while the band decide they are not satisfied with the end result. But being out of money, and being turned down by every record company in the book, they decide to concentrate of performing and writing for a while.
hans.gif In 1997 studio-owner Jos contacts the band. He bought a digital computerprogrammable system and would like the band to re-mix using this hi-tec equipment. CHINAWHITE decide to take the chance as it is a great opportunity to learn more about mixing and stuff…. Finally after releasing three succesfull demo’s ( ‘A THOUSAND THOUGHTS’ 1990, ‘WHEN DREAMS UNITE’ 1992 and ‘SIGN OF THE TIME’ 1994), participating in a sampler-CD ‘Southern Comfort – 12 beauties oet Limburg’ 1991, about a hundred gigs (besides headlines also supporting for example Uriah Heep, The Brandos and The Golden Earring), positive reviews in The Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Greece and the USA, it’s about time for a mini-cd from the Dutch band (based in the south) CHINAWHITE; called ‘A DRAGON’S BIRTH’. While on earlier releases sometimes covers occur, now only original material is brought out to the public. The silver disc opens with the prime trademark Rock and Water. Next is the lyrical The Revolution by Night. The instrumental title-track is followed by the powerfull Big Money. The album is closed by the exciting The Lurker. Total running time is about 20 minutes. The CD is accompanied by a full-colour package and booklet, the latter also contains all lyrics. The product clearly states the roots of CHINAWHITE; melodic rock, combined with symphonic spice and added progressive influences.
Since 1998 the band is working on a successor to the unexpected triumph of “A Dragon’s Birth”. They have decided to record a few older songs, some live favorites, as well as some new material. The Energy studio in Mariaheide was again chosen for the recordings. Also everybody was very happy with the renewed production skills of Fred Hendrix (of Terra Nova fame) at the helm.
The album title will be: “Breathe Fire”. Main character on the cover will again be…our logo: the dragon called Røne.The songs are:

  1. Elevation Ticket
  2. N.T.T.
  3. In My Mind
  4. Foolin’ (the real places)
  5. My One And Only
  6. Breathe Fire – Changes
  7. Permanent Vacation
  8. Infatuation
  9. Losers In The End
  10. No Fear Of The Dark
  11. The Entity Returns
breathefire.gif August 2000 it was born; the new baby dragon called Breathe Fire… Due to various personal, financial, logistical and technical reasons later as planned. But it is here and needless to say the band is proud and very curious to find out what the world thinks of it. The first reactions are promising and confirm the band in their believe it is by far the best effort to date.
Please visit the ordering page for details on how to obtain your copy!
Sander.gif April 2003 sees the departure of longtime friend and bassplayer Paul. His shoes prove difficult to fill, but in july 2003 Sander Stappers decides to lend the band a helping hand. Sander is a student at the Rock Academy in Tilburg and hones / honed his skills in 2nd Gear and Sengaia amongst others.

Now Chinawhite are able to continue to work on the next album and to perform live again. The saga continues…..

chinawhite_challenges_front72.jpg …But proves a bumpy ride! Drummer Hans builds a solid reputation for himself and finds himself joining Steve Fister, Vengeance, Cooper Inc., Mad Max, Parris, etc. Don Feltges tours with guitar hero Joe Stump and more members become active in different bands.

Due to all this, the band is forced to stop playing live. Despite over a 150 shows and the fun it brings, playing live became a logistical nightmare.

But the band is not willing to give in and soldiers on, lead by mastermind Peter. New songs are written, a home studio is geared up and in 2007 the recording of a third album is started.  This album, aptly called “CHALLENGES” sees the light of day in November 2009. The song titles are:

  1. In The Beginning
  2. Challenges – Dreams Of A Child
  3. My Venus Rising
  4. Stranger
  5. How Many Miles
  6. Better Than You
  7. Inside
  8. The Storm Rages On
  9. I Am I
  10. Dive With A Dolphin
  11. Wings Of The Wind

Lyrically and musically a step forward, with lush arrangements, solid musicianship and most important, memorable songs! Filled with melodic and hard rocking prog-rock, this is definitely an album to check out by lovers of Rush, Saga, Threshold, Dream Theater, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and so on. So you get your screaming Hammonds and touching piano, your guitar solos and heavy riffs, and your choruses to sing along to. Hey and some didgeridoo too! Hop on board, who wouldn’t want to dive with a dolphin or fly on the wings of the wind… The band believes strongly in the album and think of it as more mature, more melodic, more metal and more progressive.

 chinawhite - different Straight after the release of Challenges, Peter starts tracking the basics for a next album. But changes kept coming. Don Feltges left the ranks, leaving the singer spot open. Hans joined Praying Mantis, limiting his availability even more. So it took years to record the drums. Keyboarder Rolf took a blow with his hearing and decided to limit his presence. And despite searching around the globe, that singer spot proved hard to fill. So in the end Peter asked his good friend Phil to record the vocals.
After 9 years, finally all the components needed to release the album were ready… And then Peter noticed he did not have the energy anymore to mix the album. But a solution came with the album Sander was working on, the amazing Souls Of Deaf release. Peter was impressed by its sound so decided to hand the Chinawhite mix over to Erwin Hermsen from Toneshed too! The rest is history and on June 14, 2018, Different will see the light of day.
chinawhite - evolution (?) After 30+ years and the amazing reception of their 2018 Different album, the rejuvenated band did not need 9 years this time… No, Chinawhite have wasted little time and deliver another set of crunching rock tracks. From the powerful riffs of opener No Perfect World, to the emotional Somehow, or to the instrumental prowess in tracks like the instrumental Evolution (?) or Found, the band are in top form and manage to avoid an all too formulaic sounding album. This is as fresh and exciting as rock still can be!