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RENEGADE2K (Br), april 2001

Before listening to this cd, i was thinking that China White were a typical heavy metal band singing about dragons and medieval adventures. But they surprised me with a big influence from progressive rock and hard rock, with a strong sound, excellent musicians and a great vocalist, who can be compared to the biggest names of the 80’s. Don Feltges own a unique voice which fits perfectly to Chinawhite’s music. Before this album, they had released 3 demo-tapes and an EP with 4 songs, named "A Dragon’s Birth", what makes us to consider "Breathe Fire" as the beginning of their professional career. The influences came from groups like Asia, Rush, Marillion, Dokken and Van Halen, among others. This CD brings 11 songs, bringing different feelings in all of them. Maybe the visual part of the CD isn’t the best, but we can understand that, since their label is a new one. But the sound production is great, and if they had appeared in the 80’s, would have a lot of chances to establish themselves among the best names of that period. 8.5 Francisco Dias-Valdez Alvim

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