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RENEGADE (Br), December 1999

"A Dragon’s Birth" (demo CD) Self-Financed Rating: 6.5

"A Dragon’s Birth" is an EP with 2 tracks and 20 minutes of playing. It’s their first and very promising album. They’re coming from Netherlands and playing a very interesting hard rock, plenty of progressive tendencies. Already on the first track Rock And Water, some Rush (more often) and Marillion influences can be noticed. A few moments they sound heavier but as a whole they follow Peart/Lifeson/Lee lines. Keyboards are harmonically important as much as on the beautiful melodies. Don Feltges voices sounds very different from what can be heard in bands on the same genre, but fits perfectly on Chinewhite’s music. It is one of the main factors in their search for an own style and uniqueness. Besides Rock And Wear, this EP counts with: The Revolution By Night, A Dragon’s Birth/Big Money and The Lurker and a very decent studio production. In fact it’s a very nice and pleasant record. (Thiago Correa) a

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