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PROG-REVIEWS (Se), november 2000

Last time we heard Chinawhite in 1997, it was their 20 minutes debut four-track mini CD "A Dragon’s Birth". "Breathe Fire" is their debut full-length album. They have grown as a band, but they still need some improvements before they can become a real threat. I think they have to find a clear direction with their music. Sometimes I would’ve wanted to hear some better hooks but most of the time it’s really good. Here you have tracks like the opening symphonic track "Elevation Ticket", the heavy 70’s sounding "In My Mind" where you can hear some similarities to Uriah Heep, the catchy rock song "Foolin’ (the real places)", the ballad "Permanent Vacation", the instrumental "Infatuation" with great guitar playing by Peter Cox, and the rocker "Losers In The End". We have got to known Chinawhite as a very skilful band with great musicians and a strong vocalist, but they need some improvements in the song writing before they can separate themselves from the constant stream of bands and albums on the market. But still I have to say that they’re worth an investment if you’re into heavy melodic hard rock. A diamond in the rough! (Greger Rönnqvist)

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