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PROG REVIEWS (Se), may 2000

CHINAWHITE – A Dragon’s Birth HOLLAND Rating: * * * ½
1997 INDEPENDENT, Time: 19:56
Chinawhite is: Peter Cox: guitars and vocals, Don Feltges: lead vocals Paul Roefs: bass, Rolf "Fuchs" Vossen: keyboards, Hans in ‘t Zandt: drums and vocals
Tracklist: 1. Rock and Water (5.07) 2. The Revolution by Night (4.15) 3.1 A Dragon’s Birth (0.27) 3.2 Big Money (5.03) 4 The Lurker (4.59).
Dutch band Chinawhite was formed in 1989 out of the ashes of Jester’s Tear and Trouwens. After some demo tape releases they finally released their 20 minutes debut four-track mini CD "A Dragon’s Birth" in 1997. The music on the debut is a blend of AOR, melodic heavy power rock and progressive rock with strong compositions, catchy choruses and good musicianship. You can imagine a mix between Asia, Dokken, Foreigner, Marillion, Rush, Saga, Savatage, Toto, Uriah Heep and Van Halen. The highlights are the opening sing-a-long power metal song "Rock And Water" and the closing "The Lurker". "The Revolution by Night" is a very good song too. My least favourite is "Big Money". The music isn’t that original, but overall it’s a good and promising debut CD. It would’ve been really interesting to hear a full-length album from these guys. They have been working on a new album, "Breathe Fire" since 1998. Check it out. (Greger Rönnqvist)

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