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Preparation for next album


in case you do not follow us on twitter yet (@chinawhite_nl) we have officially started working on our next album. All guide tracks are ready to go, and now we are waiting for our drummer Hans to reserve some time to start tracking the drums. We are aiming at 10-12 tracks. Some titles: Eat It Raw, Trading Places, It Means Nothing and Eyewitness. No promise on when we will be ready, but we will definitely post some video on YouTube during the recording sessions!

Forest Field - pioneers of the futureAnd if that is not enough, Peter has started an exciting new project with the ambition to create an aurally caressing combination of ambient / new age typed instrumentals, with progressive rock songs. It is called Forest Field and the first bits and even a complete rough track are available as of now. On this project Peter will not only play guitar, but keyboards and drums as well. And maybe even sing a little…
Sander will be stepping in on bass and more guests will be announced soon. You can also follow this : @forestfield_nl.


Cheers and see you soon!

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