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PLAYGROUND (NL), november 2000

Chinawhite being a force to reckon with in symphonic rock circles comes as no surprise to the fans. The band with singer Don Feltges visited the Energy Studio’s in Mariaheide several times in the past year and a half. And the result shines. Did the debut mini CD suffer from a moderate production and mix, now the open sound allows the musical capacities of the band to shine through. Also the lyrics of Peter Cox are of a higher level. As a whole it has become a very divers album that has been enriched by the beautiful original artwork of Feltges himself. Heavy rock songs, ballads and instrumentals try to nest themselves in your memory, but before judging the album it is best to give it a few spins. Breathe Fire has a fairly constant level so it is hard to discover real highlights. This CD is a must have for the lovers of Dream Theater, Saga, Queensryche, Everon and Threshold who should add this high quality album from this leading band out of Limburg to their collection. ( René Giesbertz)

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