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News March 4, 2010 -> CELEBRATION

Hi There,

by now most will have guessed we have upped our game and introduced a fancy new site 😉

And if that ain’t enough, other reasons to celebrate are:

  • rave reviews on Challenges. Take a look at some reviews yourself to see what the fuzz is about
  • right now 20 reviews are online. If you know of one we don’t have; get in touch
  • more reviews are expected
  • the rock company site also reworked
  • Hans and Peter celebrating 25 years playing music together
  • nobody getting the Challenges album being a themed record (concept album is such a weighty word)
  • a reviewer just hating keyboards
  • other trivia like Norway, 2000, Peter the singer and so on…
  • okay okay, don’t take it all too seriously 😉

So to let this not pass unnoticed we have a very special offer: With coupon code FIRST100 you get a discount of no less than 25% on your order in the shop. But as you might have guessed; it is limited to our first 100 customers. So be quick!

And talking of value for money; becoming a member is also beneficial. Not only can you download unreleased material in great quality, but you also get a chance at grabbing some quality video. And a permanent shop discount. What are you waiting for? Register! You know it is FREE right…

Enjoy the music and Rock On!

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