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MUSIC MAKER (NL), november 2000

<heavy uptempo symphorock>
The symphonic rockband Chinawhite from Northern Limburg exists for over 11 years now and has over the years played as a support to Uriah Heep and The Golden Earring. After 3 democassettes 1997 saw the arrival of the mini cd"A Dragon’s Birth". Without professional distribution or marketing this cd sold over 750 times.
Regarding this succes (also abroad) the first longplayer took a long time. But now there is "Breathe Fire", containing 11 originals. Chinawhite make music in the tradition of 1970’s acts like Yes and other symphonic bands. The kind of rock that has disappeared into the background a little with the coming of more tougher rockstyles within metal. But Chinawhite follows it’s chosen path stubbornly. Besides energetic songs as "In my Mind" and "Foolin’", the cd contains lengthy epics like "Permanent Vacation" and the titlesong "Breathe Fire / Changes". Yes, monumental rockopera’s lasting about 7 minutes from musicians who wish not to join in on the radioformat prescribed by commercial radio. That is Chinawhite’s typical mark. (Vrouw Antje)

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