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musikreviewsJust to show you cannot win them all, here a piece on German site musikreviews (9/15). Translation says:

As one of many Dutch bands of the mid-1980s Prog movement, CHINAWHITE have never been out there before when it comes to greater commercial success, but just like Egdon Heath, the group never went below a certain level, even if they never emancipate themselves could … which has valid reasons, as their current album demonstrates.

Even “Different” is despite its title an obvious role model almost slavishly modeled work that will satisfy all genre-hardliners, but should tear little more. The always slightly cool (we speak of British role models) and never overwhelming symphonic sound of the quartet comes despite staff riots in the squad (Drummer Hans is also parallel to about Praying Mantis) as a result of it – sometimes a little too portly, though but always consistent and without noticeable rashes up or down.

Produced by guitarist and keyboarder Peter Cox seem a bit antiquated and maybe that’s why they take over for themselves … at least if you belong to older seasons. The classification under “prog” is therefore to be enjoyed especially among explorers of new with great caution.

Ultimately, CHINAWHITE serve so-spirited minds who would rather have their music with surprises. This is consistent, pleasing trend-resistant and solid knit, but nothing more. As a tip-on for the ultra-conservative factions urge first ‘Light-Years To Heaven’, the no watering cloudy ‘Hello To The World’ and the affable final number ‘Thank You And Goodnight’ on.

CONCLUSION: If you want CHINAWHITE to be evil, you can call it a locally relevant Dinosaur Melodic “Prog” band, which rightfully never went beyond its Dutch horizon. Objectively, her new album is a slightly above average scene work with zero added value.

Ah well… 🙂

Thankfully the short review from Gabor from Strutter is a lot more positive with a 8.3 on a 10 scale!

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