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More reviews for Different

chinawhite - different

chinawhite - differentTime for a review update! Slowly but surely the reviews are coming back to us. So here an overview of several more recent ones:

First one from The Midlands Rocks (UK). Writer Brian McGowan uses words like vertiginous, ferocious, dreamy and rewarding, we think it is safe to say he liked it. Thank you Brian!

Writer Dmitry Epstein from DMME always has a great way with words so his review is not only positive, but also entertaining on other levels. Thank You Dmitry!

French Site Metal Integral also wrote a piece. And with 4.5 / 5 we could not be more happy! Here is the English translation:

CHINAWHITE is a Dutch group founded in 1987 and still includes three of its original members. Their music can be summed up in a rather melodic hard rock. The ensemble is pleasant to listen to, it is well sung, the guitars occupy the sound space (Money ), the sometimes powerful drum provides a solid rhythmic base ( Kiss Of Fire ). I am having a lot of difficulty to make a criticism. Even the ballad Hello To The World is doing its little trick …
But I think Differentwill struggle to stand out because too much of a classic on many aspects. Indeed, it is obvious that the style practiced here is for a specific audience, rather rooted in the 80s. I fear that this category of music lovers prefer alas to delve into their classics than to try to find a group little known, even if it has some assets. Hard reality … A correct album that will be too quickly stored for a long time …

Thank you Noctus, fingers crossed people do know where to find us 😉

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