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METAL INVADER (Gr), may 2000

It is a fact that among several other genres, AOR experiences a significant growth and only time will tell us who’s to stay. Holland-based Chinawhite have many chances indeed. Since 1989 they have released 3 demos, a sampler CD and this 4 track EP. It is true that despite their undeground route so far, they are well known in their homeland and in countries such as Germany and Belgium where they often play gigs. Out of the 4 tracks in A Dragon’s Birth, "The Revolution by Night" is the most dynamic, energetic and mature. It’s a brilliant piece that if it had been released 20 years ago, would have been one of the greatest hits around and definitely in the American charts for a long time! Full album is under construction and if you are into this stuff you can invest 10$ . rating: 4 out of 6

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