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LORDS OF METAL (NL), oktober 2000

Jack : First of all, I’d like to start with saying that I’ve always liked this type of vocals, a lightly broken voice with volume and reach like Jimmy Barns (Cold Chisel). Well, that’s been said, now for the rest of the review. The first three tracks are somewhat experimental, due to the sound of the keyboards. On ‘Foolin’ there’s more room for guitar (Peter Cox) and that is a major improvement. It’s a rather commercial track with great background vocals, a nice support for leadsinger Don Feltges. ‘My One And Only", track 5, is a rather smooth ‘American highway’ song. Track six is more interesting, it’s divided in two parts : ‘Breathe Fire’ en ‘Changes’. It opens with a threatening atmosphere and is followed by some great guitar playing, while a lot’s of variation in tempo keep it all interesting. ‘Permanent Vacation’ follows, a modest song where a subtle played piano (Rolf Vossen) and the voice of Don make the song, but I had expected some more. Next song ‘Infatuation’ opens a bit fushionlike, a slapping bassguitar with ‘Dave Weckel’ drums, nice loops and instrumentally ok, but with songs like this the album becomes a hotchpotch of different styles. Anyway, they show a lot craftmanship this way. ‘Losers In The End’ means we’re back on the Rock track, with guitars and hammond organ to match, and again nice singing from Don Feltges. Track 10, "No Fear Of The Dark" opens with some ill chosen keyboards and has next to the rock orientaded part an experimental part which is not appearing clearly. The last song on this album is an instrumental track wich lasts only for 70 seconds, and this New Age tune adds nothing whatsoever to this album. In conclusion, this band from Holland has got some great musicians, a good singer and most of the songs are pretty good. I won’t say this is a Symphonic or Melodic band, but more an experimental Rock band. There are too much various styles packed on this album, which makes it less listanable, but these guys defenitly have a future. I find it difficult to rate this album due to the big difference between the songs, but I think a 6.5 is fair. I know it doesn’t reward the the good songs en musical talents, but the album just isn’t well balanced enough, and that’s something I concider to be pretty important. Rating : 6.5
Frans : Founded back in 1989, so they’ve been around for a while. After three succesfull demo tapes and a 100 gigs (for example as support act for Uriah Heep and The Golden Earring), they recorded a mini CD in 1997, and now it’s time for their first full lenght album. called ‘Breath Fire’. It’s obvious that their roots are melodic Hard Rock with symphonic/progressive influences, but they’ve managed to create their own style. Due to the skills and experience of these five men ‘Breathe Fire’ has become an outstanding album, wich has already been proven, while without any form of marketing the first 750 Cd’s are already sold. Rating : 9

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