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IO PAGES (NL), april 2001

Though the cover might tell you different, this is not a "dragon" (= bad) of an album. The firespitting animal refers not only to the album title, but also to the first effort of this Limburgian formation: A Dragon’s Birth. That album was a mini cd, so actually this is kind of an official debut. The heavy music this band makes is very mature, though aside the tracks NTT. Infatuation and The Entity Returns, cannot be referred to as symphonic music. It is more a mix of AOR and progmetal. Heavy guitars and shining keys make Elevation Ticket to an excellent opener. The keyboards are all together in no way used as a side issue on the album. Often there is a pumping Hammond under the wall of guitar, or a song is introduced on piano and later followed by a synth solo (Changes). A song like Foolin’ (the real places) could tie them to the people who have Boston in their collection. That this solid material is brought so convincingly is not in the least due to Feltges’ vocals. Listen to the strong track Permanent Vacation, which starts as a ballad, but ends forcefully. This track also shows that the band is capable of more than just play rough and mean. But in my opinion there are also tracks that are shouted in a far too hard rock like fashion, besides some tracks which I think are beneath standard ( No Fear of the Dark, Losers in the End). A listener with a different taste however, may consider those the highlights of the album. When you love your music muscled, you will definetly find some things to amuse you here. Holland has gained another great band. (Antonie Deelen)

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