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special.jpg Special benefits for Members:

As a Thank You for becoming a member, we have something special for you to listen or view, ENJOY!: We have a lot of stuff. All never released in this format and some even unknown to the public! And of course it is possible to download the content, just follow the links. We will put extras here when we feel like it. So please check it once every while. Also have a look at the downloads page, as some tracks are free for all.

You also get a 25% discount on all your orders from the Rock Company Shop. Use the iamamember coupon code. As often as you like! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Live tracks:

Losers (2005)

Acoustic tracks:

The Touching Hand (unreleased song!) (1993)
On Arrival (1993)
Phoenix For The Sunrise (unreleased song!) (1993)

Various tracks

My Venus Rising (single edit) (2009)
Music (unreleased cover song!) (2001)
Concert For Chaos (raw recording of this unreleased song) (199?)
Peanuts  (raw recording of this unreleased song) (199?)