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HARDROXX (UK), july 2001


We are way behind the times on this one in fact it was released last year. However I understand it is still available from the band’s website (or CDBaby in the US). So why review the album? Well because it’s one of those releases that restores your faith in rock music and puts a smile on your face. Should you find it in a shop you won’t miss it because it comes complete with excellent artwork that gets even better when you open the jewel case. Musically Chinawhite are one of those bands who cannot make their mind up which genre of rock they wish to play. Early tracks such as ‘Elevation Ticket’ and ‘In My Mind’ sound like a less metal version of the wonderful Human Race with a metal approach and an up front and leery keyboard sound. Very Dio/Rainbow. After that it’s far more progressive with hints of British progressive rock bands such as Marillion and Arena. None of those Dream Theater upstarts here. The whole of the band seem ideally suited to this style of rock particularly guitarist Peter Cox. Much of the band’s character however comes from vocalist Don Feltges who whilst not being the greatest singer in the world and not singing in his natural language still has a voice that is hard to resist, not unlike Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley. Their schizophrenic nature even extends to the album instrumental which cannot decide whether it wants to be a progressive work out or a chugging riff monster. Definitely one of the year’s (…er last year’s) most refreshing independent releases which is well worth taking the time to track down. 8/10 Matthew Honey

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