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GET READY TO ROCK (UK), February 2010

GET READY TO ROCK (UK), February 2010, Nikk Gunns, 3/5

Norwegian band Chinawhite have been together since 1989 and are about to release new album “Challenges”. Part melodic rock, part progressive and even combining symphonic elements to some of the tracks, this album is not bad- although slightly lacking in originality. This may stem from the fact that the band’s live set includes a number of covers, or it may just be that Chinawhite want to pay homage to their influences (Rush, Kansas, Journey etc) – either way, the songs are catchy and the band works well together.

The band make good use of Hammond B3 sound, this gives a good ‘70’s rock feel- the best example of this being “Better Than You”. There are also a number of tracks that come in at over 7 and a half minutes long- the best of these being “My Venus Rising”. Other highlights include “Stranger”, “I Am I” and “Dive With A Dolphin”.

If you like any of the bands mentioned above, then “Challenges” should appeal to you. It would be interesting to see the band play live as these songs will no doubt hold their own against the more well known numbers in the band’s repertoire.

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