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Foolin’ (the real places)

great explanation
but what did you say
let those who think they understand
raise their hands and take command
life’s not easy
it’s hard to have fun (I know)
not to be bored means not to be numb

give me a reason baby
I catch up somewhere
show me the real places
I’ll find some answers there
I’m looking all the way
but you say I don’t see
now there’s a feeling inside
are you foolin’ with me

some great acting
but what did you do
let those who are experienced
lay down the shelter and start to dance
life’s not simple
it’s hard to relax (you say)
not to be bored means have some sex

repeat chorus

baby stop dragging me around
all your words are silly lies
I may be dumb but I understand
you’re too weird to love my kind

SOLO + repeat chorus

give me a reason baby
I catch up somewhere
’cause there’s a feeling inside me
that you are foolin’ with

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