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FLASH, (It), 2000

Though not very recent, here is the mini-cd from Dutch band Chinawhite, produced by the leader of Terra Nova, Fred Hendrix. An album which holds 4 portions of nice class rock, with progressive influences. First track Rock and Water is filled with keys and brings the commercial moments of Magnum to mind. It also has a Rush like solo passage, which works beautifully. Next song The Revolution by Night sounds heavy, full of Demon influences mixed with Spock’s Beard and Everon, with a hymne like chorus. The titletrack starts with 30 seconds of keyboard intro <note; it’s a guitar thing!>, the prelude to the pompous track Big Money (the same pace as the immortal track from Rush) though the melodies are never forgotten. One ends with a track called The Lurker, the most prog oriented of the 4, that underscores the intelligent ads of keyboarder Rolf Vossen, further enhanced by the guitar playing of Peter Cox. We have to wait for a complete album, but even this result could well lead to a contract for this band. (Andrea Bertamino)

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