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I’ve been championing this band ever since I heard their fantastic debut ep "A Dragon’s Birth" a couple of years ago. "Breathe Fire" is the band full debut album. Chinawhite play a mixture of melodic symphonic rock, AOR and Progressive rock, the musician ship is very tight and if you like bands like Emerald Rain, Dream Theater, Terra Nova, Saga etc then please do check this album out as each song is fantastic and walks all over their debut. Honestly they sound like a fresh new band, and they sound as if they had so much fun recording this album, which makes Chinawhite stand out from the crowd, as you can tell that they play this music for the love of it, and not just because it popular. I’ve been playing this album for about two months now, and it hardly ever leaves my boom box, I love albums like this, where the hooks just get under your skin forcing you to play it more and more. Check out the hugely catchy and very melodic ‘Foolin’ (The Real Places)’ with a chorus that you won’t get out of your head. The progressive melodic twist of track six which is a two part song called ‘Breathe Fire’ and ‘Changes’ reminds me of Saga, Talisman and Terra Nova and is just so brilliant that I cannot find the words to write. Just listen to Don Feltges magical vocals and Rolf Vossen’s tasty keyboard parping. A totally killer song. The whole sound of "Breath Fire" is very professional; producer Fred Hendrix has done a superb job and will soon be recognised as a major producer in the rock world and every band will want his influence. Honest he’s done wonders with Chinawhite and it won’t be long before a label snaps them up. Listen to the beautiful ‘Permanent Vacation’ for some classy musical changes that will leave you gasp in awe. This song is an epical eight minute long heartwrenching symphonic ballad. Also check out the superb ‘Losers In The End’ with its Dream Theater comparisons and the excellent symphonic ‘No Fear Of The Dark’ and the closing piano instrumental ‘The Entity Returned’. From start to finish "Breathe Fire" is one of the best albums in this genre from an independent band in a long time that offers something that fans of all rock genres will enjoy and I really can’t recommend this highly enough. Soon an interview with China White so watch out for that in the upcoming weeks. Nicky Baldrian

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