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DURP (DE), november 1999

The dutch band CHINAWHITE play melodic hardrock with progressive rock influences (especially SAGA and 90ies RUSH). "A dragon’s birth" features three great tracks: The first is Rock and water – a straight-forward melodic track between AOR, hardrock, progrock with a very melodic refrain. Revolution by night is not as melodic but it offers a more groovin’ rhythm-section and rock organ sounds. Big money sometimes touches the progmetal-genre and has all ingredients that CHINAWHITE showed on this EP so far … a great track and a big rocker ! The lurker is a bit dissappointing, although the band tries to make this song sound mysterious and slightly gothic … the vocals are not that catchy on this one. Overall a very good and recommendable band for fans of hardrock with some (straight melodic) progressive influences.
BTW: this is one of the bands that could be played on radio’s without frightening listeners away by the words "progressive rock touch". 7 points (Markus Weis)

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