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Classic Rock Society (UK), February 2010

Classic Rock Society (UK), February 2010, SM

This Dutch band have been around for 20 years, but only released a limited number of recordings, this being I believe only their second full length album. It opens with a very moody and atmospheric track, perhaps lulling you into believing this may be more of a symphonic rock album. However the remaining ten tracks, which are all in the 5 to 8 minute mark, show them to be a very accomplished prog rock band, similar in some ways to Saga or Rush, but they have not reached the heights of these as yet. This was one of those albums where I felt they started strongly and tailed off a bit towards the end, or maybe there just was not enough variety to keep me interested. That being said, there is a very nice mix of heavy guitars and keyboards on many of the tracks, and a lovely use of piano from time to time which I do feel gives a bit of extra light and shade to the sound. One criticism is however that lead singer Don Feltges’s vocals are very much back in the mix and at times seemed drowned out by the band. I liked this album, it had some great moments, but not enough to hold my interest for the full length.

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