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CD SERVICES (UK), June 2000

CHINAWHITE: A Dragon’s Birth CDEP£6.99 The opener of this is just superb, with a vocalist hollering out a song that has a chorus somewhere between Rose Tattoo and Men At Work, so addicitively catchy that you’ll be humming it for hours afterwards as synths, guitars, bass and drums provide a solid backup and a lead guitar solo fires off mid-song to excellent effect. A great start. Track two continues this full-sounding theme with more great harmony vocals and a similarly sounding musical content, the vocalist still hollering away when on his own, while the song takes all sorts of twists and turns in the music to dramatic effect on a sort of harder AOR trip, but , while more complex than the opener, without any sort of hook, it’s still a great track with excellent economic arranging and the guitar solo in the same place. Track three takes a harder, more metallic approach, admittedly with the use of synths and organ fleshing out the sound, but the song itself Is, again, taken at a sort of Rose Tattoo pace with grungy guitar riff, soaring synth, harmony vocals but somehow the lead vocal fails to transmit the excitement of the rest of the band, although I have to admit that after a couple of listens, it is improving.(Andy Garibaldi)

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