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A gravel-voiced vocalist with a wide vocal range, compositions that are heavy in both a dynamic sense as much as a metal sense, a metal band to be proud of – the main ingredients of this, for me, curious band who manage to take elements from as disparate sources as Deep Purple, Golden Earring, ’90’s metallic AOR, and interact those and more on tracks that seem to have one foot in the seventies and one in the nineties, the overall effect being an album that has the slightly watered-down effect as some legendary seventies rock album that may have sounded great in its day but held up to bands such as Millennium & Motorhead, sound more hard than heavy. Still, it’s well done, the vocalist’s a bit of an acquired taste, and the tracks seem strong enough but the main minus factor is its serious lack of real identity, but maybe you’ll think different – worth trying. (Andy Garibaldi)

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