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China WhiteChallenges – Rock Company – Chinawhite’s album has been out a while too, but I still see it mentioned. unfortunately I cannot be so kind to this record as I have been some others. It just doesn’t stack up quality wise to what else is on the market. The production is horrible. Badly mixed for starters. The vocals are way down in the mix and the keyboards way up. The drums are pedestrian and the guitars too thin. Then there are the songs – there are four tracks here around the 8 minute mark and there simply isn’t the substance to make them work for that length of time. I guess the band is trying to add a progressive edge, but you have to have the songs and hooks in place first before you can go off any tangents. And for a vocal band, you don’t hear one word of singing until 7 minutes into the album after a horribly slow 4 minute intro piece. I’d like to comment more, but the mix is just so bad I can’t hear the melodies as they should be heard and the loud organ/keys are really annoying me. MR is thanked in the liner notes and guitarist Peter Cox is a terrific guy, but I simply can’t hear the album well enough to talk more favorably about it.

Andrew McNeice – 29%

New guitar video´s

Hit the notes…

Those who have seen us live know that our guitar player Peter likes to rock out. So enjoy some fretwork from him he did:

7 String riff The Storm Rages On)

Tapping Guitar Solo

New releases with Chinawhite member

In Chinawhite related news, we are happy to inform our readers that the new Bangalore Choir album Cadence, with Hans on drums, is getting rave reviews. Check out his site for links.

Next in line will be our bass player Sander who got involved in a project called Unwritten Pages. Their debut hits the market any day now and the first reviews are very good already! Check them out at myspace.

line up change

As stated in our september newsletter:

We have to report that we parted ways with our singer Don Feltges. After over 16 years it was time to move on. We thank him for all the fun and wish him all the best for his future ventures.

Chinawhite - ChallengesSo this makes our Challenges album even more special as it will be the last with Don´s remarkable voice on it. So don´t be shy and visit the shop to buy your copy if you don´t own it already.
The album is available in digital and in physical formats.

Please don´t worry about our future, we already have a few ideas on how to work this out for our next record!

New Video (single)

The idea had been floating around for a while, but a recent trip to Austria finalized the perfect stage for a new video! So welcome How Many Miles. The audio is of course available via our 2009 CD Challenges. Buy it at our shop.

Member area and videos

Hello there,

we got some comments that it was a little troublesome to locate the member area. That is why we featured it more prominently in the top menu. Ofcourse you still need to log in to be able to see it. In case you don´t know, members get extra, previously unreleased material! And a permanent coupon for discount in our shop! And all for free! So what are you waiting for? Join now.

Furthermore we would like to inform you that our guitarplayer Peter has recorded some acoustic songs he wrote waaaayyyy back in the day (1985). You can watch them at our YouTube channel.


Chinawhite on Dutch Radio

Sunday 01-08-2010 from 20.00 – 22.00 (Amsterdam time) a *special edition* of Dutch Radio Show Progressive X Grooves will be aired with line-up:

Chinawhite (NL)
Doris Brendel (UK)
Nikki_K (NL)

Artists will join in online! And you can too!

To listen;

Progressive X Grooves chatroom (only sundays 8PM – 10 PM Amsterdam time !)

Underground Empire (D), July 2010

Underground Empire, July 2010, Walter

Chinawhite´s album Challenges proves an extremely contentful piece of rock music, which stretches the sound of dominating 70’s hardrock, over innumerable ProgRock quotations, up to Metal in melodic and progressive design. CHINAWHITE use “historical” sounds,  particularly the omnipresent Hammond, so I keep making comparisons with URIAH HEEP, and also DEEP PURPLE. One can also call RUSH (covered in early periods of the career) regarding the Prog accents as influence. The material animates however not only through this, but also invites to join in on the groove and occasionally also to really rock.  The  presented work is housed in one extremely tasteful Digipack, and is powerfully fun.


Chinawhite in Underground Empire

Underground Empire on chinawhite

Underground Empire from Germany have published an article about us and included a review of our Challenges album. If you understand German, take a look at it here. Writer Walter really got taste 😉


We will translate the review as soon as possible and put it in the appropiate section of our site.

Chinawhite on frontpage Melodic

On this weeks opening on, owner Andrew posted an item on the new Fireworks magazine. With the contents of the accompanying free disk which includes our song How Many Miles of course! Check it out. These things make one really proud…

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