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Skype interview

Yesterday Peter was asked to participate in a songwriting class at Phant Knight school in Wisconsin USA. With the help of Skype he answered questions about songwriting, instruments, being in a band, modern music, etc. and even played away a little!

Judging from these tweets everybody had fun:

Peter you were a big guitar hero @PhantKnight school songwriting class today

kids from @PhantKnight school De Pere WI thought you were AWESOME!

phant knight school songwriting class peter chinawhite forest fieldHere is a photo from their side!

Best advice: let your imagination be your limitation…


Big thanks to the Mighty Mister Billy for the invite.

First album out of print

chinawhite - a dragon´s birthIt is official now, our first EP A Dragon´s Birth is out of print! We did a rerun a couple of years back, but those have sold as well.

Still, there are a few options for you to still lay your hands on it:
* digital downloads. Many sites offer those, for instance at our label, Rock Company. But also Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, etc.

* some record stores might have a copy somewhere. Just ask and try your luck


Preparation for next album


in case you do not follow us on twitter yet (@chinawhite_nl) we have officially started working on our next album. All guide tracks are ready to go, and now we are waiting for our drummer Hans to reserve some time to start tracking the drums. We are aiming at 10-12 tracks. Some titles: Eat It Raw, Trading Places, It Means Nothing and Eyewitness. No promise on when we will be ready, but we will definitely post some video on YouTube during the recording sessions!

Forest Field - pioneers of the futureAnd if that is not enough, Peter has started an exciting new project with the ambition to create an aurally caressing combination of ambient / new age typed instrumentals, with progressive rock songs. It is called Forest Field and the first bits and even a complete rough track are available as of now. On this project Peter will not only play guitar, but keyboards and drums as well. And maybe even sing a little…
Sander will be stepping in on bass and more guests will be announced soon. You can also follow this : @forestfield_nl.


Cheers and see you soon!

Chinawhite joins ReverbNation

We have joined ReverbNation, so you are welcome to meet us there. We are in the process of putting our albums up. Good thing that they have an On Demand feature so our debut EP A Dragon´s Birth will remain available (we are sold out and CDBaby has 1 copy left).

ReverbNation has a FANREACH feature:


And you are welcome to visit the store… Your support means all to us!


Happy Daze!

Hi Everybody!

Happy Holidaze to you and your loved ones!

And if you need some music to give yourself or a dear friend, why not take advantage of our sale? And be sure to check out our YouTube channel and the video´s present there.

We have been working a lot in the studio lately and the songs for the next Chinawhite album are building up nicely. We have 12 titles now! To name a few: Eat It Raw, Lightyears to Heaven and Trading Places are among them. Will probably be a more rocking affair with shorter songs. Short being 4 to 5 minutes .

See you soon, take care!


fan favourites on video!

Of course everybody favors different tracks from our various records. But we think it is fair to assume that some songs are very popular amongst our loyal followers. Well, and to honor that, we have made some video’s for some of them. Enjoy!


Chinawhite on Jango

Hi There,

for all people into Internet radio: we joined Jango! Check our page and player here.

Now you can always listen to Chinawhite music as long as you have an Internet connection!

Cheers, Peter

Falling ” new” Chinawhite track and FREE download

chinawhite - falling


While trying to come up with a singing solution for the next Chinawhite record, we asked a few friends of the band to lend us a hand. Here one of them, singer John Neessen (90 Day Jane) sings his lyrics and melodies to our track Wings Of The Wind from the 2009 album Challenges. We also did some remixing of it.
We think he made the track better than it already was, but you be the judge…
The early train has gone
But I ain’t driving home
The fear that you’re alone
Gets me anywhere you know

And I will take the time
Drive further to the light
Stretch my neck to see what I’m at
I’m fine
I’m yours

I’m falling you know
I’m falling please care
Before we know we’ll see it again
I’m falling to you
I’m falling into
Before we know we’ll see it again

Desire reunites
Two souls lost in the night
Being here with you
Is all that I could do
I’m tangled up to you

I’m falling you know
I’m falling please care
Before we know we’ll see it again
I’m falling to you
I’m falling into
Before we know we’ll see it again

I didn’t count on
I can count on anything I am
Can count on anything I want to be
I count on you, you know you’re everything to me
You know you’re everything I need
And I count on you


Musik an Sich, D, 19-10-2011

Musik an Sich

chinawhite - challenges   Info

Genre: Prog Hard Rock

Released: 22.09.2009

(Rock Company)

Playing time: 66:06


When I receive a CD over half a year past its original release, then reviewing it is not one of my top priorities. That is why Challenges is passing it’s 2 year date before enlightening these pages.  Because of the Dutchmen not jumping on any bandwagon and also not likely getting a short lived promo push by some record company, this waiting probably isn’t much of a problem.

„In the Beginning“ turns out to be an extended intro, lasting 4 minutes. Its sound, spiced with didgeridoo and keyboard violins, reminds me in a remote strange way of Peter Gabriel, and is surely different than the rest of the album.

Heavy guitars are the focal point here, and they give Chinawhite some serious bite, without turning the band into a full metal outfit. A song like „How many Miles“ can be compared to modern day Uriah Heep, also quality wise. The same can be said about the often present vintage Hammond.

All in all Chinawhite prove to be less basic than the famous Brits and, without turning into exaggerated freakiness, have a definite progressive character.  The vocals often laying too deep in the mix is a bit of a shame. Especially during the big rocker „Stranger“ and the hook laden „Dive with a Dolphin“  a stronger emphasis on Don Feltges‘ vocals would have generated a higher qualification.

Playing tips are the closest thing to prog metal long track „Challenges – Dreams of a Child“ and the already mentioned „Dive with a Dolphin“, which qualifies as real good guitar dominated Hard Rock.

15 points

Norbert von Fransecky



1 In the Beginning 4:03
2 Challenges – Dreams of a Child 8:01
3 My Venus rising 7:28
4 Stranger 4:13
5 How many Miles 3:44
6 Better than you 5:13
7 Inside 5:50
8 The Storm rages on 8:09
9 I am I 5:02
10 Dive with a Dolphin 5:46
11 Wings of the Wind 8:31

Line up

Peter Cox (Git, Production, Mix, Mastering)
Don Feltges (Voc)
Sander Stappers (B)
Rolf Vossen (Keys)
Hans in ’t Zandt (Dr)

Harrie Huveneers (Ocean Drum, Didgeridoo)



How we rate:

00 to 05 Not recommended
06 to 10 Recommended but with flaws
11 to 15 (Mainly for Fans) Recommended
16 to 18 Very Recommended
19 to 20 Classic


testing new stuff

In preparation for the next Chinawhite album, guitarist Peter is testing some new stuff to record with. Get a glimpse of what he is up to: