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Awesome review from Rockportaal

rock portaalDutch site RockPortaal have done a great review on our Different album. Words like this make it all worthwhile!

You can find the original here, and a google translation follows. Thank you Hans!

The stayer wins (always) … That is what Peter Cox and Hans in ‘t Zand must have always had in mind. The duo has been involved in the band since the establishment of Chinawhite in 1987. In addition to this beautiful character trait, Chinawhite has at least as many lives as a cat.

It started for the melodic / symphonic metal band in the nineties with the release of a number of cassettes and the mini-album A Dragons Birth in 1997. The first full-length album was released in 2000: Breathe Fire. Then it was nine years quiet, except for a digital compilation album with demos from the period 1990 – 2005. Challenges in 2009 was the next sign of life. But at the moment – with the exception of Cox and in ‘t Zand – everyone thought that the band was defunct, there is suddenly more than thirty years after the foundation and nine years after Challenges in the late spring of 2018 Different.

Fortunately, the ‘test of time’ has not got a grip. Chinawhite still rocks as always. With the familiar symphonic elements through it. Which is not surprising given the musical preference of guitarist and keyboard player Peter Cox. The gentlemen are now tried and tested and know how to produce a fat metal album. Of which deed through the two unadulterated rockers Kiss Of Fire (with a wonderful chorus) and Where I Stand where the album starts. That is partly due to singer Phil Vincent. He has an excellent rock voice, which may require some habituation.

Hello To The World is a quiet composition with beautiful harmonious vocals and a guitar sound that both reminds of the legendary rock band Boston. A sound that you encounter several times on the album. Because of this, I think the album has two faces. Rough, with a legion of overdriven guitar riffs that are sometimes aggressive and then smooth and polished. The varied Different – Eat It Raw shows both faces (hear). One of the positive outliers is Wings Of The Wind. Phil Vincent here shows his best side. Musically it goes down in a variety of straight metal and progressive metal.

Instrumentally Chinawhite also makes good ornamental. As with the pointed and guitar-dominated Or The Same !. But entirely with the closing and with eight minutes longest song Thank You And Goodnight. It is a huge contrast with the previous ten songs. You even wonder if this is the same band. A playful intro on piano (by guest musician Rolf Vossen) is followed by minutes of beautiful melodic guitar playing. Gradually the music becomes more intense due to the use of a second guitar. Then to end in peace and symmetry. I think this is truly a sublime conclusion to a surprising and fresh album.

Different proves that Chinawhite is still alive and kicking. Lovers of melodic and symphonic rock and metal I recommend listening to the album. Perhaps the gentlemen will let us know before 2027 if there is still a new life …


first reviews for Different!

chinawhite - differentDutch site Lords Of Metal had the premiere in regards to writing a review on our latest album. And despite their reputation of being quite harsh, this is a very good one, with 80/100 points! Read it in English here.

Next one is from the UK. Writer Mark Ashby talks about stuff like NWOBHM, but that is a bit strange for a Dutch band :). Anyway, still lots of positives in his review

Where to buy Different

chinawhite - differentThe wait is over! Different is available now, so here are some links for you:

Rock Company




But you should also be able to find it at your favourite record store.

To listen on Spotify:

Different track list and credits

chinawhite - differentEver since they got together in the second half of the Eighties, Chinawhite have been entertaining their audiences with a vivid mix of melodic, hard and progressive rock. You are now invited to check out their new album. In a way only Chinawhite can pull off, they deliver another blistering set of rock solid drums, thumping bass, guitars, guitars, more guitars and some keyboards to lift the mood. And let’s not forget the amazing vocals!
No doubt this is Chinawhite at their most melodic and powerful ever.

2018 Line Up:
Peter Cox – orchestrations, keyboards and all guitars (Forest Field)
Sander Stappers – bass (Souls Of Deaf, Tributor)
Phil Vincent – all vocals (Tragik, D’Ercole, CranstoN)
Hans In t Zandt – drums (Praying Mantis, ex Vengeance and Mad Max)

with Rolf Vossen adding organ, piano and keyboards to some tracks.

Recorded at Down The Road studio, except drums at Drums By Mail and vocals at The Musik Room (USA). Mixed and Mastered by Erwin Hermsen at . Artwork by Blekkmark.


1 Kiss Of Fire (5:16)
2 Where I Stand (4:16)
3 Hello To The World (4:41)
4 Money (3:41)
5 Different? – Eat It Raw (5:01)
6 Wings Of The Wind (4:24)
7 Mystery (4:19)
8 Light-years To Heaven (4:04)
9 Or The Same! (4:56)
10 It Means Nothing (5:06)
11 Thank You And Goodnight (8:01)

Pre Order

chinawhite - differentOur new album Different is available to pre order now!
The CD you can find at our label: Rock Company. It is available for a reduced prize up until it’s official release! Best thing, they’re shipping already too!

If you prefer digital, try iTunes. It will also soon be added to our Bandcamp page.

After release on June 14, it will be available about everywhere.

Back with a Kiss Of Fire!

HERE IT IS! We are back with a kiss of fire

Chinawhite 2018 is Phil Vincent – all vocals, Hans In T Zandt – drums, Sander Stappers – bass and Peter Cox – guitars and keyboards.
On the album Rolf “Fuchs” Vossen is also present adding piano and organ on a couple of tracks. Mixed by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Recording Studio, artwork by Blekkmark Design Studio.

And now…

Artwork for our new album!

chinawhite - differentTime to reveal the artwork for the coming Chinawhite CD Different! Another job well done by the famous Blekkmark Design Studio! The hard hitting mix was provided by Erwin Hermsen from Toneshed Recording Studio.
The album will contain 11 songs and opening track Kiss Of Fire will premiere coming Tuesday on Progressive X Grooves with host Pieter van Veen! Listen Tuesday between 9 PM – 10 PM (Amsterdam time) to OR

And of course we had to update the look of the website too!

final stages of mixing!

CHINAWHITE - DIFFERENT TEASERhad a listen to the full album, as mixed by Erwin Hermsen from Toneshed Recording Studio! Great job, only minor notes! It is always hard to leave your “baby” in the hands of someone else, but what a pro! The release of our album Different is getting closer!! Oh, and the artwork is nearly done as well. Another stunning job from Blekkmark Design Studio! See the little teaser
#newalbum #coming #mixing #hardrock

Update new album

After working for 9 years on the coming album, I noticed I did not trust myself with the mix anymore. And despite several people telling me it was sounding great, I have decided to put the final mix and mastering in the capable hands of Erwin Hermsen from Toneshed Recording Studio. This will mean a bit of delay yes, but I am sure this move will provide you, our audience, with the best result possible. And trust me when I say the album deserves it!
What more can I say? The album will be called Different. For a number of reasons. New singer, less keyboards, more straight forward. Or will it?
It will consist of 11 songs, one of which will be a different version from a track we did on the 2009 Challenges album. And we will wrap all that in stunning artwork courtesy of Blekkmark Design Studio! All that, and a new logo to boot 🙂
We hope we can soon let you hear a bit of what is coming!
Thanks for patience and support,

Studio Report: Vocals!

You were wondering what we are up to? Mixing it is! Check this sample from the song Where I Stand… You need to hear those vocals…