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Chinawhite news

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20 years…

chinawhite - a dragons birth#onthisday in 1997 we released our first CD EP; A Dragon’s Birth! All the songs were fan favourites. So it sold out 2 times! As a result it is now only available in digital formats. And because it was 20 years ago; for the next day or so you can have it for “name your price” on bandcamp. Even at zero it will be yours, no strings attached. In any format! Just head on over to
Please like, share, tell your friends etc.
And last but not least…expect a new album early next year!

Happy Holidays!

chinawhite happy holidays

First taste of new music!

On the Soundcloud page of Rock Company, you will find a lot of stuff, including this first taster of new material! It is a rough mix, but will give you  an idea of what we are working on:

Also we seem to have forgotten to let you know about another video of work in the studio. So here it is:

working on a new site

work in progress
We are working on a new platform for the site. Most of the content is transferred, but not all. Also links and text are not checked completely yet.

Please be patient while we are at work to get it all done!

Thanks for understanding.

user registration

Dear People,


since we are working on a new site, user registration is temporarily not possible.

Apologies for that, but once the new site is online, you will once again be able to register and join the FREE fan pages with loads of extra material!

Thanks for understanding.


live TV performance

We dug up a VHS with 3 songs played live and acoustic for a show on a local TV station. Time is probably 1999, so before Breathe Fire was released.

You can enjoy the audio on mixcloud:

Chinawhite: Live and Acoustic at Bombarie TV by Rock Company on Mixcloud

And a video (with announcements) on YouTube

Sample of new track, Drum + Bass

chinawhite - Sander

Well, as Sander and Peter had so much fun on the recording session today, we decided we let you in a bit on it and let you hear this snippet of that track. It is called Kiss Of Fire, and within the sample there is a piece we call the three handed riff (on the bass)… Cool or what?



Studio diary #1

Here you can see Hans at work pounding those drums. Alas something went wrong with the audio after uploading to YouTube, apologies for that!

Still enjoy these first snippets:


studio update

Hans recording with ChinawhiteOkay, another busy weekend in the studio with Hans in T Zandt. Got two songs done (drums that is) so we are taking off… Did I mention that 2 of our songs for the 4th Chinawhite release now have drums to build upon? I am considering uploading some video footage. Anyone interested?

Skype interview

Yesterday Peter was asked to participate in a songwriting class at Phant Knight school in Wisconsin USA. With the help of Skype he answered questions about songwriting, instruments, being in a band, modern music, etc. and even played away a little!

Judging from these tweets everybody had fun:

Peter you were a big guitar hero @PhantKnight school songwriting class today

kids from @PhantKnight school De Pere WI thought you were AWESOME!

phant knight school songwriting class peter chinawhite forest fieldHere is a photo from their side!

Best advice: let your imagination be your limitation…


Big thanks to the Mighty Mister Billy for the invite.

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