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CATCHY HOOKS (Se), september 2000

CHINAWHITE Breathe Fire (8 /10)

CHINAWHITE is back with their first real full-length CD "Breathe fire" an album filled with good PROGRESSIVE Rock and again with a excellent production done by FRED HENDRIX from fellow dutch rockers TERRA NOVA (Now & Then records). Everything from the front-cover to the music performances by the band members is very professional done, and with great skill I might add. It´s a pure joy to listen to skillful musicians that play the music they like, instead of trying to follow stupid trends or money hunger. CHINAWHITE is mostly a Prog Rock band a-la SAGA,MARILLION, SPOCK´S BEARD etc. but mixed with Classic 70´s Hardrock like URIAH HEEP, CAPTAIN BEYOND. These guys have been playing together since 1989 and it really shows. First track "Elevation Ticket" is a nice opener with a cool Prog-Groove "N.T.T." is a short instrumental keyboard track and "In my mind" sounds very 70´s with some great "Hammond" keyboards by ROLF "FUCHS" VOSSEN. The more melodic "My one and only" has a really catchy chorus and some lovely guitar work by PETER COX ,The vocal harmonies by the boys are also very good. "Changes" is another cool song with haunting keys and a strong chorus while "Permanent Vacation" is a nice Piano Ballad.
Bottom line is that "Breathe Fire" is an really good PROG Rock album with a good production and I´d recommend every fan of Prog/Classic Hardrock to check it out. Find out more about the band at their homesite (Urban "Wally" Walstrom)

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