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CATCHY HOOKS (SE), november 1999

CHINAWHITE – A Dragon´s Birth(8/10). CHINAWHITE is a band from Holland that have been playing together since 1989! and they have recorded a great 4 track EP with Influences from Saga/Uriah Heep/Marillion! So you get a mixture of Symphonic /Progressive Rock and some old 70´s Hardrock with Hammond.The rhythm section with "Paul Roefs"(Bass) and "Hans in´t Zandt(Drums) are really tight and the vocals of "Don Feltges"are really good. It´s also nice to hear that keyboardist"Rolf Vossen"has as big part of CHINAWHITE´s sound as the Guitarist"Peter Cox" First track "Rock and Water"starts with a good Keyboard intro and have a really catchy chorus! It sounds a little bit like early SAGA! On "The Revolution by Night"we can hear some great Hammond playing by Vossen! In fact this song sounds like the perfect mixture between SAGA and URIAH HEEP and again the Chorus is really catchy! Track #3 "Big Money" is the weakest track on this CD! The musicians are doing a great job,but the song is just boring.Last track"The Lurker" sounds again like early SAGA! Great stuff and vocalist "Feltges"really shines on this song! Find out more about them and Buy the CD

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