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Better Than You

a web of deceit around me
and  I doubt if I’ll survive
if truth should win in the end
oh that day had better be near
and I hate the lies, the dirty schemes
and the endless twists of words
and I, I hate the circumstance I’m in
but it’s not the end of the world

are you better than, better than me ?

but I won’t back down on this
sure the truth is at my side
no matter what they think of me
I am standing tall with pride
trying hard to build this case
sticking to my faith
it ain’t over till it’s over
and I’ll never break

I am better than, better than you !

what are you thinking
he’s soft, so push him over
what are you wishing for
let the old days come again
what are you dreaming
living with the riches
but if ever there is justice
the hammer falls on you

I am better than, better than you !
I know you don’t believe it’s true
Oh no, better than you !
I don’t believe it’s true

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