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AORWEBSITE (It), februari 2001

The dutch band is back with its first full lenght cd, once again produced by Fred Hendrix (ex Terra Nova). At the beginning of "BF" we find "Elevation ticket" and "In my mind", two rough hard rockers with ’70s hints, but it’s with "Foolin’", a uptempo melodic hard rock recalling of Terra Nova and Red Danw, that Chinawhite highlight the scene. "My one and only" sounds like an AOR version of Slade with traces of the most mature Poison, "Changes" brings the band on a hybrid street made of prog rock (verse and solo portion) and melodic rock (listen to the catchy refrain) with good results. After so much energy, there’s a long pause with the AOR ballad "Permament vacation" led by the rich keys of Rolf Vossen and by the voice of Don Feltges, then there’s the good instro "Infatuation" close to the solo albums of Steve Lukather. "Loser in the end" is an average song of prog hard rock, but things get better with the uptempo "No fear of the dark" and the short closing instro "The entity returns". The crowded european rock scene has found another band looking for the deserved attention, even if I think Chinawhite should find a better songwriting balance. 80 points (Andrea Bertamino)

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